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Oil Painting

Gond Art

Mosaic Art
At Colour Crates you are taught basics and then you are guided to explore the reams of colour and design yourself artistic concepts are based on actual touch and feel. Here you can do research work on artistic subjects, study different culture and discover new perspectives, include in mixed media creations, sometimes combined with craft . We also offer toddlers pre-interviews, training, coaching for government recognized art certified elementary and intermediate drawing exams we encourage and facilitate participation in various art contests on states and national level. The courses can be customized and do not require artistic pre-requisites, so anyone can join in ,even a beginner. The facilities and courses offered are walk in library for students and internet access for research work.

Courses offered are:

1. Art and craft courses for different ages groups starting from preprimary students to 60 years old.
2. Toddler pre-interview Training.
3. Training for elementary / intermediate grade exams.
4. Guidance for visual art students following creative curriculum in IB and IGSCE schools.
5. Sketching and charcoal paintings.
6. Oil paintings on canvas.
7. Water color painting.
8. Acrylic painting on canvas.
9. Tie and dye techniques.

10. Batik techniques and stenciling.
11. Fabric painting.
12. Calligraphy.
13. Origami.
14. Pottery.
15. Fancy gift packaging.
16. Paper Quelling.
17. Project work and fancy book covers.
18. Sculpturing using various mediums and much more.

19. Gond Art.
20. Mosaic Art
21. Mud Work

We also provide Theme Based Craft at Birthday Parties which can be taken as Return Gifts

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